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pentimento fall 2015 headlining shows

I first met Pentimento in March 2013. I'd been following the band and listening to their music for awhile, and I'm glad I skipped studying / paper-writing to go to the show: they definitely didn't disappoint. Mike (drums / vocals, as well as the band's primary lyricist) and Jeramiah (vocals / guitar) were both incredibly well-spoken in the interview we did that day (check that out here), and they, along with Vinny (bass / vocals) and Lance (guitar), have always been so kind and welcoming to me at their shows. It's rare that you find a band that are not only such great musicians- both recorded and live- but great people as well, and I'm grateful to be able to call Pentimento friends of mine. One challenge I made to myself this year was to photograph bands multiple nights in a row, or at least multiple nights on the same tour. I want to focus on being able to produce images that are unique, yet have a certain consistency from night to night. I've found that doing so gives you a different insight into a band's performance- you really start to pay attention to and get to know how they move on stage, who stands where and who does what, when.

From mid-October to early November, Pentimento went on their first proper headlining tour in the East Coast / Midwest, where they were joined by Better OffA Will Away, and Caleb and Carolyn. One of the perks of living where I do in New Jersey is that there are so many cities within an easy driving distance (or an easy commute on public transit), and I'm glad it worked out for me to photograph five dates of the tour! I photographed each band that performed each night (Better Off didn't perform the last few shows I was at, as they had to leave the tour early; and I missed Caleb and Carolyn's set the first night), and some of the shows had local openers as well.

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