live: good charlotte at sherman theater- 5/16/17

Since I started photographing live music six years ago, I've been able to photograph so many artists I never thought I'd get to photograph, and many of my long-time favorites as well. Good Charlotte has been my favorite band since I was 11; I loved shooting them on Warped Tour last summer and was excited when I saw they'd be stopping at one of my favorite venues, the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, Penn. 

As some of you know (from my updates on social media), I had knee surgery in March (I had a revision ACL reconstruction and lateral meniscectomy on my right knee). While I was recuperating I was pretty restless- I couldn't drive for a few weeks and once I could, it was a little while longer till I felt up to going to shows- but I've been working hard at my physical therapy so I can get stronger. My doctor advised me to wear a knee brace when I shoot shows for the time being, to protect myself from re-injury. Smart move... photo pits can be tight spaces with lots to potentially trip over, and with lots of crowdsurfers to dodge!

I was so excited when I realized I'd be in shape to shoot Good Charlotte's show at the Sherman. I had to keep adjusting the knee brace but I was so glad I had it on- the floor of the photo pit was pretty uneven and lots of people crowdsurfed! I know it sound cliche, but over the past few months since my surgery, I have really begun to treasure every opportunity to shoot a show. I still have to take it easy- I can navigate most venues but I often spend the time between sets sitting down to rest my leg- but I'm so grateful to just be there. Recovery from surgery has been hard, but I have had a fantastic team of professionals helping me get back to where I need to be, which I'm so thankful for.

Twenty one years since they started the band, Good Charlotte still put so much love and passion into every set, which is pretty special to see. While they didn't have the same production/light set-up they did for their fall tour, I had fun working with the various lighting schemes (and documenting their energy!) and creating these images. Enjoy!