stellar young

portraits: stellar young at pinelands music festival in millville, n.j.- 8/15/15

Pinelands Music Festival took place for the first time this year at a racetrack in South Jersey. You might think a racetrack is weird place for a music festival, but Warped Tour used to stop at the Monmouth Race Track in Oceanport. With plenty of open space for the stages, merch (and uh- a booth giving out free flower crowns), and food trucks (hello- hummus + a honey mustard topping?! YES) it worked out quite well for the event! Every first-year fest has hiccups but I hope to see Pinelands happen again and I'm excited to see what they do next year. I had planned out a few interviews and portrait shoots (check out my portraits of PALMAS here), but at the last minute ended up meeting with Stellar Young, an indie band from Albany, N.Y. We took some shots in a field, but they also goofed off posing at the Pinelands sign.

The full gallery can be seen after the break!

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