old mogul theatre

invalids, hannibal montana, in angles, and the planet you at old mogul theatre- 1/8/16

If you haven't heard about the Old Mogul Theatre yet, chances are you will soon. Montclair, N.J. has long been home to plenty of great music- smaller underground shows happen in basements and the Meatlocker, and larger shows at the Wellmont Theater- but size-wise, the Old Mogul fills the void somewhere between those two. They've already booked some exciting shows, so I can't wait to see what else they bring in. One of their first shows was an entirely math-rock lineup. When my friend Chris (assistant manager at the Old Mogul Theatre) asked me if I wanted to come shoot, I wasn't familiar with any of the bands- but I was so impressed by the entire lineup. The Planet You are from right in Montclair (they're all students at Montclair State University); In Angles are from East Brunswick; Hannibal Montana are from New York; and Invalids are from Princeton. They were all very technical players- everyone was so talented. The Planet You and Invalids, in particular, were very animated on stage- but the whole show was fun to shoot!

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