gotta keep my feet moving.- 6/18/16

(The title of this post is a reference to "Life Changes" by Good Charlotte.)

Once upon a time, I made it a goal to myself to get a job on the Vans Warped Tour. Six years ago I made the promise to myself that when I got a job on Warped, I would dye my hair pink again, at least for the summer.

Last year, I drove around to several dates to photograph the show (more photos and a blog about my experiences here); in 2011, 2012, and 2014, I volunteered at and photographed several different dates. This March, I got the confirmation that I'd be on the first half of Warped Tour (from June 24 to July 16) with peta2; two weeks ago, I dyed my hair pink (using a mix of Virgin Pink and Purple Rain from Arctic Fox).

After wrapping up the peta2 College Tour this spring (read more on the last few weeks of that tour here), I flew right to Bangkok to travel around Thailand with my brother. Once I got back, I had just over a week to dye my hair, shoot a few shows, visit friends and family, and pack for the summer.

At any time on the tour, we'll have ten people in the peta2 crew, with some on for the whole summer and others rotating in and out for different periods. Some are still in college, some have graduated, some have toured before, and some haven't; so far, it seems like a really good group!

Since training was over around 4 every day, we had some time to explore Los Angeles- I think my favorite part was (cheesy as it is) exploring the touristy areas of Hollywood. We've gotten to have some great vegan food too- Doomie's is a favorite of mine, and for the first time in my life I tried deep dish pizza from Masa (it was delicious, but I'm definitely a bigger fan of thin crust!).

Today is a day off, and tomorrow we'll begin the drive to Dallas for the beginning of Warped Tour. I'm incredibly excited to see what this summer has in store.