it's like riding a bike.- 1/25/16

It's like riding a bike. I toured for six months straight in 2013, from the beginning of June through the end of November. I was on the road with Circus Smirkus from June till mid-August as their Tour PR intern, then peta2 from mid-August till November on their Concert Tour Crew. I've done a lot of travelling since then, but it's been over two years since I was last on tour.

I was- and still am- a little nervous, but touring, I think, is just like riding a bike. Soon enough, I'll be right back in the swing of things of living on the road.

Tomorrow- Tuesday, January 26- I'll be flying to Los Angeles for the start of my training with peta2 again for their College Campaign Tour. It all happened pretty quickly- I interviewed for the position less than two weeks ago- but I couldn't be more excited. I'll be gone for about four months, which is crazy, but it's a much-needed change.

One thing that I think surprises a lot of people about touring- myself included, when I went on my first tour- is that time doesn't stop when you're on the road. Life is still going on at home, even when you're not there. When you get home, you realize they haven't been waiting for you. But you also realize that life on the road is real life. Whether you're at home or on the road, everything you're experiencing is 100% real life.

Touring with peta2 was amazing the last time because I was able to have an incredible impact, talking to hundreds of people a day about animal rights and veganism- all while having insane adventures, traveling all over the US and Canada. I think it's going to be just as exciting this time, and I can't wait to update you all on my adventures right here.

Snowy backyard. / 1/25/16 / N.J.
Snowy backyard. / 1/25/16 / N.J.

We were recently hit with a snowstorm here in New Jersey- schools were closed, loads of stores in the area were closed, and venturing outdoors was a feat in and of itself over the weekend (the above photo is my backyard- we had around two feet of snow- imagine what the roads were like before being plowed). It's a good time to escape the Northeast.